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Diabetic Footwear
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Paediatric AFO insoles and footwear
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Diabetic Footwear

A variety of stylish shoes and sandals available in differnet widths and split sizes, for both men and women - click for details

Paediatric orthotics & shoes

Bespoke AFO Video

Watch how Techstep bespoke Afo's are manufactured to patients' individual requirements with a diverse selection of colourful and fun transfers applied to make the devices attractive and appealing to children

Bespoke AFO video

NEW Boa Paediatric Shoes

Originally developed for use in sport, this NEW quick-lacing system from Schein makes putting on and taking off paediatric orthotic shoes so much easier.

Boa Paediatric Shoes

Modular Paediatric Orthoses

"Bringing you all the benefits of a bespoke device at a more affordable price"
Highly adaptable, fun & funky - click for details

Paediatric orthotics & shoes


Specifically designed to offload & relieve pressure following surgery or foot trauma

Paediatric orthotics & shoes

Bespoke Footwear Video

See how our skilled technicians combine traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology to handcraft footwear to meet individual patients' requirements

Bespoke footwear video

Sense Insoles

Highly adaptable and affordable semi-bespoke insole range - click for details

Paediatric orthotics & shoes

Bespoke Insole Video

Follow the journey of a bespoke insole order through our state-of-the-art factory in Birmingham and watch how our skilled technicians combine cutting-edge-technology with traditional techniques

Bespoke insoles video