Salts Techstep manufacture and provide a range of modular and bespoke AFOs.

These functional devices can be used to stabilise the position and movement of the ankle joint, correct joint malalignment or deformities, and to compensate for muscle weakness. Some AFO devices can also offer indirect control of the knee joint.

Conditions commonly treated with AFOs include:

  • Pronation
  • Plantar/dorsiflexion
  • Knee hyperextension
  • Drop foot (often due to stroke, spinal injury, nerve damage, cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy)
  • Arthritis or fracture (by immobilisation)
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Depending on the indication, we offer bespoke KAFOs (Knee ankle-foot orthoses), DAFOs (Dynamic ankle-foot orthoses), GRAFOs (Ground reaction ankle-foot orthoses) and SMAFOs (Supramalleolar ankle-foot orthoses) to provide optimal support and functionality.

Many of our bespoke AFO devices are manufactured using SeaFlex®, a popular, lightweight and flexible material. SeaFlex®, is available in 3 grades (Seaflex 100®, Seaflex 200®, and Seaflex 300®) providing varying degrees of flexibility and support. We also offer a range of other materials including copolymers, homopolymers, low density polyethylene’s and ortholon.

Straps around the heel, ankle, calf and forefoot can be used to secure the device, with different strapping formations available in order to treat varying conditions.

We offer a diverse selection of colourful and fun transfers which can be applied to make the devices attractive and appealing to children, enhancing patient compliance.


Our Modular Paediatric Orthoses (MPOs) are a range of three highly modifiable, one piece corrective orthoses. These products have been carefully designed to encompass many of the benefits of a bespoke device in the most cost effective way possible.

The colour, and position, of the MPO straps can be personalised to enable the orthotist to tailor function as well as appearance. Padding and transfers can also be added to suit the patient and practitioners specification, resulting in a truly individual device and making them more appealing to wear.

This product range is manufactured from polypropylene co-polymer, a stronger material than previously utilised, to ensure durability. The one piece construction results in a lightweight and manageable orthotic, making it easier to fit into footwear whilst contributing to the affordable price.