Paediatric Footwear

Bespoke adaptions for optimal fit and comfort

Salts Techstep is the exclusive distributor of Schein footwear in the UK, supplying orthotic, support and anti-varus shoes for children and teens.

The collections feature a variety of models for all clinical needs in an array of colours. The shoes have been designed with the patients in mind and are fashionable, fun and funky, making wearing an orthoses appealing to youngsters.

We are also proud to offer black anti-varus and support school shoes, designed to conform to uniform guidelines. We recognise that comfort and fit are essential for patient compliance. Consequently, the shoes are available in various widths, split sizes, widths and corrections, and are easily adaptable to provide an optimal and individual fit.

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The orthotic shoes provide models for children and teens with orthoses, offering substantial relief, optimal fit, a high degree of stability and easy access.

Available in sizes 18-47, widths TN5, 8, 9.

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Orthotic Oversplint diagram


Schein support shoes can be used to treat a variety of foot and gait irregularities in children and teens.

They have been successfully used to aid many conditions including juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, weak ligaments and neurologically impaired limbs.

Available in sizes 23-47, widths TN2, 4, 6.

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The Anti-varus shoe ensures correction of children’s sickle foot, Talipe’s forefoot adductus and club foot.
The concept of the anti-varus shoe is based on the well-established three-point-correction method.

  1. The heel of the foot is held upright by a full length heel stiffener/counter, designed into our footwear which prevents torsion effects in the ankle joint during the necessary forefoot correction.
  2. The lateral pressure at the cuboid corresponds to the fulcrum in which the forefoot is forced into the corrected position. Therefore, the lateral end point of lateral heel stiffener/counter of our footwear is designed to finish here.
  3. The third correction point is found proximal to the first metatarsal phalangeal joint. Here the foot is prevented from returning into the maladaptive position. There is an indication for anti-varus shoes during treatment of ambulating children with forefoot adduction such as those found with adducted, serpentine or club foot. The growth guidance is carefully directed by the shaft from and the size over measure.

Correction comes into effect at a lateral axis deviation of at least 8°.
Available in sizes 18-42
Baby sickle foot orthoses available in 13 sizes from 80-150mm
Baby sickle foot shoes available in 8 sizes from 8-150mm

Sickle foot and club foot orthoses available in 15 sizes from 70-230mm

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School Shoes

Salts Techstep offer anti-varus and support school shoes. These black leather shoes have been specifically designed to ensure practical, comfortable and corrective footwear throughout the school day, whilst being discreet and compliant with school regulations.

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Bespoke Footwear and Adaptions

Salts Techstep’s experienced and highly skilled in-house design and manufacture team are also able to make bespoke paediatric foot wear to meet your clients every need and individual requests. In addition, our team is always on hand to provide any alterations or adjustments to improve an off the shelf or modular products in order to enhance function, fit and compliance.

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Measuring Gauge

Salts Techstep can provide you with a durable, bespoke foot measuring gauge to help you prescribe and order our range of off the shelf paediatric shoes with accuracy.

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Measuring guage

Funky Laces

In shades of one colour or bold combinations. It‘s your choice. We off er laces in many different colours and lengths for you to customise your shoes.

Available in the lengths 75, 90, 120 and 150 cm each

Coloured laces

Colour Your Soles

Check out our trendy out-soles. Sheets in sizes 38 cm x 26 cm and in many different colours available.

Coloured soles