orthotic shoes for children

Paediatric orthotic shoes: a combination of proven medical functionality and a fresh appearance

The correct footwear is essential to support individually produced orthosis. Shoes worn by those wearing an orthosis not only have to satisfy certain key requirements, but must also make walking and running easier.

We remain in close contact with our customers, making continuous improvements and refining our products:

  • New Boa fastening system
  • Orthotic shoes for joint orthoses
  • New orthotic shoe width TN12
  • Flexible outsole

Due to the shape and material quality of conventionally manufactured shoes, the conditions required for orthoses are not met. Therefore we recommend our therapeutic shoes.

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orthotic shoe width TN12

New orthotic shoe width TN12

To facilitate treatment involving bulky orthoses we have developed, together with our craftsmen, a new width for our orthotic shoes: TN12. Each TN12 shoe is supplied with two insoles in 40 and 50 shore, enabling the volume to be changed by removing one or both of the foot orthotics. This is done without effecting the external design of the shoe.

If only one foot requires an orthotic shoe, a shoe of a different width and size can be provided for the other foot.

If a therapeutic shoe is only needed for one foot, a different width and shoe size can be provided for the other foot.

flexible our sole

Flexible outsole

Ever thinner and more flexible materials are used in the manufacture of orthoses. Due to this, we have produced our orthotic and support shoes with a more flexible sole. This is highlighted as “flexible” in the catalogue. The increased flexibility does not have a negative impact on the therapeutic benefits of the orthoses.

joint orthoses

Orthotic Shoes for joint orthoses

Those using joint orthoses require a shoe with an appropriate heel shape. Although a more voluminous rear-foot and heel is required, the fit of the shoe is of paramount importance. This ensures correct movement of the foot when walking. Our orthotic shoes, which are marked with the symbol shown above, have been specially designed to meet these requirements.

The NEW Boa lacing system gives excellent hold by achieving even tightening across the entire lace surface and makes fastening and unfastening with one hand possible - perfect for paediatric orthotics

  • Secure fit
  • Allows fine adjustment
  • Available in two widths
  • Low weight
  • One handed operation
  • Available as front & rear fastening

Measuring Gauge

Salts Techstep can provide you with a durable, bespoke foot measuring gauge to help you prescribe and order our range of off the shelf paediatric shoes with accuracy.

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Measuring guage

Shoelaces in a variety of colours and lengths

Coloured laces

Subtle shades or bold combinations: the choice is yours. We offer shoelaces in many different colours and lengths, allowing you to individually design your shoes. Available in the lengths 75, 90, 120 and 150 cm.

Colour Your Soles

Colour your soles

Check out our trendy out-soles. Sheets in sizes 38 cm x 26 cm and in many different colours available.

Coloured soles